Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Lactation Covers

The lactation cover I made for myself.

The lactation cover I made for Tooele Sara and her new, very tiny baby boy. (He's doing great by the way.)
The newer versions I've been making have included some important upgrades. They now feature pockets in the bottom corners. Also, the corners are now beautifully mitered. I thought it would be really hard to do, so I didn't do them before. Now that I've figured out how to do it, it's actually quite easy. For as much origami as I did in elementary school I should have figured it out a lot sooner.
Sara's has an impressive feature that I was totally unaware of: she just told me the butterflies glow in the dark. I never saw that coming.


Sara said...

I use those pockets for my nursing pads, when I don't use the cover, I'm always losing those dang things.

So sorry about the diet coke. I cried on the inside too.

When I saw a picture of Janet at your shower I was instantly offended, I thought you had a shower in Utah and I didn't get an invite. I feel better knowing it was in St. Louis.

opticwalrus said...

I have had many conversations lately about breastfeeding, thanks to my social work-majoring friend who is writing a paper on the subject.

Linette Smith said...

kate is in st louis and you two are probably going to town - at least out to lunch. see you and Xuxa soon. love, mommy