Friday, March 27, 2009

Today Should be the Day

Nick and I are up early this morning because we're heading to the hospital for an induction appointment. We have warned this baby repeatedly that it would be served an eviction notice if it would not move out on its own.

I went to the doctor yesterday, but saw a new doctor because mine was out of town. Because I'm a week past my due date, they did a non-stress test and an ultra-sound to measure fluid levels. Everything was fine. They still recommend induction as the safest course. They would have let us go until Monday, but said there was really nothing to gain by waiting (and there are some risks.)

Last night we went out to dinner, knowing it's the last date night without a babysitter for a very long time. We had a wonderful meal at Pho Grand. We hadn't had their food in a long time and were really pleased with it. We even went out for ice cream afterwards. It was a really nice evening.

We expect to be in the hospital until Sunday. We'll be updating our parents, whose job it will be to update all other interested parties. If you have any questions, give them a call. Internet access at the hospital is available in the library, but strongly filtered so I don't think we'll be able to update the blog or facebook until we get home, but we'll try.

I'm going to be really surprised if it's a boy. But I'm going to be really surprised if it is a girl. I can't help but be surprised because I have no idea what gender this baby is. And we can't wait to find out!


Emilieruth said...

I really really really hope the induction goes well for you. I was induced, and 32 hours later ended in a c-section. Same thing happened to two friends of mine the past two months. So just know, I'm hoping and praying it all goes well for you!

Fry's said...

Good Luck. I'm very excited for you both!!