Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Shower in Review

Debbie Jacobs, left, and Janet Amodt at the baby shower.

Has it been more than a week already? I have really become behind here. February 21, 2009 my Aunt Patti hosted a baby shower for me (and of course, the much-anticipated baby.) Anyone who has been to a Patti-hosted event knows not to miss one- the food is just too good. What was surprising was our out-of-town company that came. Nick's mom decided just a few days beforehand that she could come and visit us and attend the shower. Then Friday my mom got her haircut in the morning, and in talking to her longtime stylist and friend Janet, decided that Janet should definitely take this opportunity to see St. Louis and Nauvoo. I think they were on a plane about three hours after the haircut. I've known Janet since my birth, but it was still quite a surprise to have her visit us in St. Louis. Incidentally, Janet hosted my bridal shower.

Patti at the buffet of goodness she provided. Too bad you can't taste it. Also a shout-out to Jessica and the others Smiths who assisted. It was wonderful. Thank you!

My sister Katie also hopped aboard the trip at the last minute. We were so blessed to get a visit from so many people we love. But, we know who the real star is here- baby. This baby will have so many people that love and care for it.

The shower was a lot of fun. There was great turn-out. In fact, I need to call several people that I didn't get to visit with enough at the shower. I was overwhelmed with how generous people were to me and baby. We received lots of wonderful gifts, including many baby essentials. With these wonderful gifts, we have virtually everything we need to be ready for the baby.

I'm counting the sock monkey in the essentials category. It's too cute not to have. It's sure to be one of baby's favorites.

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Jo Ellen/Toots said...

I'm sorry I wasn't there. Tell Patti I love her pink blouse. Love, Toots