Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I'm one day past my due date and people are getting anxious. I feel like I can't call anyone because when they answer all I hear is disappointment that I'm not calling from the hospital. There are no signs of this baby making an appearance soon, but we all realize it has join us on the outside eventually.

In other news, which there is precious little of, Caesar got his summer haircut. His winter coat had grown quite long, and with the few warm days we had here, he looked quite uncomfortable. As many times as we've taken him to the groomer to be shaved, it never fails to astound me how small of a dog he actually is. Cutting his hair made him about half the size he was. I can't believe how skinny he is or how tiny each leg is.

On Thursday night while I was at book club, Nick received some surprising company. A car with three teenagers broke down right in front of our place. After tinkering with the car for some time unsuccessfully, they knocked on our door to borrow the phone. Nick looked at the car to see if he could help- he diagnosed the problem as the entire car being a total piece of junk in need of being pushed off a cliff.

He invited the teens in as they waited for their ride. There was definitely a cultural exchange between Nick and three young black kids from North Saint Louis. They tried to talk to him about music, but he didn't know the songs/artists they listened to. They asked him why he didn't listen to the radio. Basically, he doesn't have time. Besides, now his car doesn't have a radio.

One of the teens called Caesar fat. I'm sure that hurt Caesar's feelings. Nick assured them that Caesar was just fluffy. Now that Caesar's received a haircut, we can prove it. We'll show them the skinny dog he really is if they ever come back to retrieve their disabled car, which is still parked out front.


sarah said...

Skinny Dog is an awesome street name. Perhaps you should consider that for Caesar when he's out on his walks. It would earn him some cred.

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

Call us and disappoint us. We would rather have you call us without any news than not call us at all. And I'm pretty sure the teenagers will not be returning for the car. Love, Toots

simplysarah said...

Is it possible this surprise cultural exchange was actually staged? Perhaps the piece of junk car was a peace offering in return for the radio...?

Either way, awesome. And your posts never disappoint, kara. Can't wait to hear more hilarious details when the young'un comes along. Good luck!

Linette Smith said...

seriously, nick:

1. went out to help them
2. let them in your house?


Patti said...

Hang in there, baby will be here soon. Sounds like this one is as stubborn as Alex was or still is! Likes it where he is and needs some convincing. How you do that I never figured out so just wait patiently. And Nick ARE YOU CRAZY!

Doug said...