Thursday, March 5, 2009

Disaster of Hugo Proportions

Yesterday Sarah Page stopped in and then we went to the Gardens to walk around in this long-anticipated spring weather. When she initially came over, she came in bringing a surprise: a very large drink from McDonald's. Here in Saint Louis, we have the "Hugo" drink at McDonald's. The Hugo is an extra-large drink, but it's cheaper than a small. Too bad it hasn't found a home in the Utah market.

Anyway, I was delighted with the surprise, for about 15 seconds. Sarah handed me the drink. I set it on the desk, then immediately bumped it. With its cup-holder-friendly shape giving it a high center of gravity, it didn't stand a chance. It went crashing to the floor, the lid popped off and all the beautiful brown liquid rushed onto the floor. It was so young. I didn't even have a sip. I cried on the inside, just a little bit. At least it was on wood flooring and not carpeting.


Wendy said...

Well once again Kara, you left laughing hysterically. "Beautiful liquid..." I still can't believe my mother stopped drinking caffeine, by the way!

sarah said...

I still feel sad on the inside when I think about it.

Dallas said...

I would have grabbed the straw and salvaged what I could.

Jenn said...

I am so thankful for the HUGO size at McDonalds. I spent almost 5 hours studying at a McD's yesterday and drank a lot of diet coke with some pocket change. It was fantastic! I had about 4-5 refills.... so I definitely got my money's worth. = )

I really don't want to imagine what 44 oz of soda would look like all over everything. Sorry that happened to ya.