Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Look Familiar?

Debbie sent me a package of cloth diapers to use as burp clothes. I wanted to make them just a little cuter, which also identifies them as not being used as diapers. I have no interest in using diapers that have to be put in a washing machine, but I hear these are great for spitting-up babies.

Except for the purple, all of these fabrics are scraps from hooter-hider-style lactation covers, which is why they may look familiar to several of you. I think I succeeded in making them look a little cuter. Now we're just waiting for the baby to show up and need to be burped.
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Jenn said...

I think they're really cute! I'd love to see everything you've made.
Seeing all of your creations makes me miss having a sewing machine even more.

sarah said...

Your baby will have the cutest cloths to puke on. I say this qualifies as nesting (if you were looking for something to qualify for that sort of thing).

Marcie said...

Those are very cute. I wish I'd have thought of that since I used diapers for burp cloths too.