Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update on the Run

I haven't blogged in a while because Nick and I are too busy having fun. That, and relatively poor Internet access at the places we've been. Saturday June 21, we drove up to Shelley, Idaho for Darla's family reunion. Jo Ellen came with us and we all stayed with her friends, the Messicks. Sunday we came back to Bountiful and spent time with our friend David and his two unbelievably cute kids. I'm convinced that I'm now one of Miss N's favorites.
Early Monday morning we took off for Dolores Colorado, picking up Nick's little brother at the Draper Maverick. They've been fishing, we've all been four-wheeling. We visited the Anasazi Heritage Center and we're just about to leave for Mesa Verde National Monument. I'm able to post this because last night Nick set his Grandpa up with high speed Internet.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who ya gonna call?

Last night 7 of us went to the free movie at Brewvies. Believe it or not, Kate had somehow managed to go the 24 years of her life without ever seeing Ghostbusters. It was by far the most crowded we've ever seen Brewvies. I think Ghostbusters has a cult following. A guy sitting right in front of us knew all of the lines and spoke them along with the characters on screen. Seeing it with a slightly drunk crowd meant there was a little more shouting out at the screen. Kate commented afterwards that she hadn't known it was a comedy, she thought it was just a horror movie. It had all the best one-liners of the eighties. (The best ones though are not fit to be put on my blog.)

[clearing away tables in the dining room to make room for the ghost trap]
Dr Ray Stantz: I've gotta get this in the clear...!
Dr Ray Stantz: Wait, wait, wait! I've always wanted to do this...
[He yanks a tablecloth off of a table, overturning and shattering everything except the centerpiece in the middle]
Dr. Peter Venkman: [triumphantly] And the flowers are still standing!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just Hours Left

Nick is in his board examination RIGHT NOW!  Hope you're all sending prayers and positive thoughts his way.  In just a few hours, he will be totally done with it which is a thrilling thought.  He's worked so hard and is so well prepared, I know he'll do well.  Even though it is a computer exam, it will take about six weeks to get the results.  It's ridiculous that you don't leave with the results in hand.
My contribution to Nick's efforts this morning was to pack his lunch.  He got two PB&J sandwiches, string cheese, pudding, carrot sticks, skittles, fruit cup, and money for the vending machine.  I also included some ibuprofen, just in case.  I thought I was very thorough.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Look at the Countdown!

As I write this entry, there is less than 45 hours on the countdown clock until Nick takes his board examination.  He has been incredibly diligent in his studies for the last month.  He wakes up early in the morning, studies for a bit, reads his scriptures.  Takes a quick break to eat breakfast and shower, after which he immediately returns to studying uninterrupted for about 4 hours.  I call him when lunch is ready and he briefly emerges for another short meal break.  If I haven't called him by about 2:00, he'll come down on his own.  In the late afternoon he takes a 20-30 minute nap and it's back to work.  He pauses again for dinner sometime near 7:00.  I wait downstairs at night until he tells me he's ready to go to bed, which means he's finally given up studying for the day.  Last night, that was just before 11:00.  I can't imagine that I would or could ever be so diligent for something for so long.  I could keep it up a few days, but he's done this for a whole month!  Starting Saturday at 5:00 PM, he'll be a free man  . . . . . for 3 weeks.   I'm looking forward to seeing him a little more often.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brian Presents: satellite showing

Tonight will the first satellite audience for "Brian Presents." As a senior in high school, Brian hosted a movie night at his parent's house on weekends. It wasn't a typical teenage gathering. The evening began with a lecture, explaining the merits and style of the movie. The movie was then watched, without interruption or conversation. If it was a comedy, there was lots of laughing. I always cried (and still do) at any tragedies. After the film, there was a discussion about the movie, its themes, techniques, what we liked or didn't like. And of course, there were refreshments. In its first year, I think I was in charge of refreshments most of the time, but only because I appointed myself.
So tonight, "Brian Presents" continues its rich tradition, showing the Chinese film, "The Blue Kite." Since I can't get to Michigan for the evening, I'm bringing the Blue Kite to Bountiful. I had to call around to find it. Harry picked it up in Salt Lake on his way home from work. I'll be listening to the pre-movie lecture given by Brian, via long-distance telephone. Sarah Davies and I are going to watch the movie here at my mom's house, and we'll have our own post-movie discussion. And of course, there will be refreshments.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Few Dogs to Many

I think we may need to apply for a kennel license. At one point today, there were five dogs at my mom's house. We had the usual three: Caesar, who is officially the only dog that lives here, Maggie, and Harley. For 10 days, we're watching the Child's dog, Starla, who now gets called Chef. The visiting fifth dog was Spence, who was here for a few hours while Mont was doing something at the Regional Center. So far, no dogs have killed each other. Harley does tease Starla endlessly by taunting her with toys he won't let her play with. Caesar just tries to stay out of it all.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Family Dinner

We met my cousin Coulton's Family at the spaghetti factory for dinner this week. He's returned from his fourth tour of duty in Iraq. He's visiting Utah for just over a week before heading home to Colorado. To commemorate the occasion, we took a picture of the group. Family friend Eric Cooper is the photographer, so I guess I need to photoshop him in. Anyway, several shots were taken, and this is the best picture of Mr. V from the lot. I prefer the pirate look.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Because one Crazy Dog Isn't Enough

Through strange circumstances we have ended up (temporarily) with a second Yorkie. This one is definitely older and better behaved than Harley. It is also a much better wrestler and has pinned Harley multiple times. It was wearing a collar, but not a tag. I took it to the vet, but it doesn't have a chip. So for the next little bit he's hanging out in the back yard. The acquisition of this dog is Tim's story to tell. We'll try to get him to post it.
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Johnson Sunday Afternoon in Saratoga

We visited Nick's dad's family this Sunday. Since Nick's only break during the week is Sunday, we try to share him on the Sabbath. We went with Darla and Sean to the loudest ward in the Church (Harvest Hills 3rd ward) where I believe OSHA sound guidelines were exceeded. The vast majority of the ward was young enough to be wearing pampers. They had a great organist and conductor. After church we had dinner, then Nick and Sean went for a 3 mile walk. After some German chocolate cake, we played Mexican Train dominoes, then Scrabble. Nick won at both games, so even in my losses, I'm at least married to a winner.
For being just 8, Sean is very respectable at Scrabble. We did let him get away with spelling ooze without an e on the end.
Lanier has had a moustache from puberty to just before I met him five years ago, and IT'S BACK! He shaved it for work all those years ago and it now has a glorious return. It's probably a little more grey than it was at its last siting.
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