Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Impounded Property

I took a cake to work on Friday for my and a couple of coworkers birthdays. It was another delicious carrot cake. However, Friday was a horrible, bad, day at work. It was so overwhelming for everyone that there was no fun in the cake, and I finally got a piece of it at 6:30. I was leaving work after this bad day, cake carrier in hand, when I arrived at the car realizing I had left my keys inside. It was already 8:40 because I had been so far behind. Not wanting to lug the cake through the hospital . . . again . . . I left it on top of the car.
Being so late, no one was up that high in the parking garage. Besides, a cake carrier that was $1.50 at D.I. is not the same as your purse. I came back 8 minutes later and the cake was gone. I then noticed a "Parking Violation Warning" slip on the windshield, with the "Other" box checked, then describing the cake carrier "found on car." It also came with a flier about avoiding auto theft. Apparently leaving the cake on the car was akin to leaving the ignition running.
It then took 45 minutes to get the stupid cake back from security. The guard who had impounded the cake didn't report in or answer his radio for that entire time. Finally another guard said, "Well, I know a spot he likes to hang out," and found him in about 3 seconds. Seeing it was past 9, and I had a test at 9 the next morning, I thought the whole thing was entirely ridiculous.
To top it all off, the guard, Gary, chewed me out when he finally returned the cake to me. What about him not being available for security purposes for the better part of an hour? I'm know the cake is not a real emergency, but the method of contact is the same.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sleep Deficit

I stayed up way too late on Saturday night, slept in Sunday. Fell asleep on the couch Sunday at 9:00, which is totally unheard of. I'm still tired today. I think I finally caught up with the loss of sleep with my one-hour afternoon nap.

Nick finally installed the shower hose, which was a challenge because the shower pipe is higher up than any bathroom we've previously seen. It took two pieces of hardware to extend the pipe low enough to where the hose is low enough to do any good.

Nick is now disagreeing with my comment that it's unheard of me to fall asleep at nine on the couch. I will argue it may be common at eleven, but it's at least uncommon at nine.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Nurse For A Year

Yesterday I celebrated my first anniversary of being a nurse at St. Mary's Hospital. I marked the occasion by cleaning up things you don't even want to know about. Some days, my job is particularly gross, and luckily yesterday was one to remember.
In nursing school, I was told you spend your first year as a "baby-nurse" so I suppose now I've grown up to be a toddler.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Test Results

I got the results from both my Wednesday exams. I only got 88% on my Chemistry test, which is a tiny bit disappointing. It turns out it was the highest score in my section. I think that says more about the weakness of others than it does about my strengths. My physics test scored a mere 95%, down from 100% on the last one.

I baked a cake for work yesterday. It was well received and highly praised, including by one doctor who is very particular about desserts. So was so thrilled with the cake, I'm tempted to take another one in soon. It was fun to have cake-party in the middle of the day in a place that can be so crazy sometimes. I promised the night shift I'd make them a dessert in the foreseeable future.

This carrot cake was America's Test Kitchen's recipe. The cake was good, but I think I like the Better Homes and Garden's frosting recipe better. Combing those two would be awesome. The cake carrier I used came from D.I. this summer. It's great. You can carry a ten inch cake in it, and has a pretty secure handle. I get excited about some mundane things.