Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chicago Tourism

View of the Downtown Skyline from Museum Campus

In November, I had a friend come visit for 6 days and we did everything on the City Pass, just without buying the city pass. Stacy Jinks Hunt and I went to music school together at the University of Utah. We did our Junior Recital together, sung duets, sang in choir together- basically spent a lot of wonderful time together. She went on a mission to Italy, and while she was gone I married Nick. Then she got back and married Oscar and moved to Oregon, so we haven't seen a lot of each other lately. On her visit, Stacy took our group pictures, so I didn't have a single of picture of her to show you- I'll have to ask her for those.
Stacy actually came to town for an opera audition, but that was done within about 12 hours of her arrival, so the rest of the week was just for fun. Saturday night we went to the Hancock Observatory for the night view of Chicago and then had the best deep dish Pizza ever at Uno's. We kept Henry out until midnight, which I admit was a little excessive, but he said it was worth it for the spectacular view and the Pizza.

Monday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. As many times as I have been there, it was the first time I'd taken the submarine tour which was totally worth the $7. It's basically my favorite place on earth.

Tuesday is what really wore us out. The museums of "Museum Campus" were all having Community Days, where you get basic admission for free. So for just the cost of parking ($17) we saw the top floor of the aquarium, the exhibits of the planetarium (Henry's favorite part was the slide above), and as much of the Field Museum as we had time for.
These stuffed Panda's have been on display in the field museum since the 1930's. They were hunted down and shot by Teddy Roosevelt's sons, because in 1930 it was considered very manly to kill Pandas.
I love this walrus skeleton. The analogous structures of the hands and feet are so similar to humans, but are totally hidden by its flippers.

Henry and I were beat, so Wednesday Stacy took the train downtown to see the Institute of Art and Millennium Park. Henry only lasts about 10 minutes in an art museum these days, so it was nice that Stacy was able to spend a whole afternoon there. That evening we all went to Giordano's (even Nick) for a farewell dinner. The Pizza was good, but could not top the Pesto-based Pizza we had at Uno's.
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