Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Morpho Mania!

It's Morpho Mania at the Butterfly House. This means they have hundreds and hundreds of blue morpho butterflies flying around. Since I wasn't doing anything like going into labor, I went to the Butterfly House with my congregation's play group. It was a lot of fun. Most the kids really liked the butterflies, but not all. A couple kids found the swarms of butterflies around them a bit much.

The scene of fluttering butterflies was quite beautiful. I would have stayed to look at them longer except the 85 degrees and 80% humidity was a lot to take.

The kids had as much fun at Faust Park, adjacent to the Butterfly House, as they did with the butterflies. I was amazed at what little dare devils the young kids are, climbing very high on the big kids toys.
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