Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby's First Outing

Nick took one additional day off school (at the urging of a Pediatric Attending) and together we took the baby to his first doctor's appointment. We decided to see a family doctor instead of a pediatrician. Nick and Brigham have both worked with the doctor we chose and have a lot of confidence in him. Although Jo Ellen will not approve of the doctor's full beard, he seemed very nice and the office visit went very smoothly. The doctor, who seems just a few years younger than my parents, mentioned that he had "a 10-month-old, the little surprise in our lives" as well as teenage kids. It's nice that he's just had a refresher course in infants because I'm sure he'll be up to date on everything.

The women at the office fussed over how cute Baby is, and really, how could they not? The most exciting thing going on is that a patient had accidentally locked herself in the bathroom. It turns out she has Alzheimer's and couldn't remember how to move the latch to open it. Her husband was eventually able to talk her through the process. And tomorrow, she probably won't even remember she was stuck.

Nick is already trying to train the baby to perform the Roses' "what does a lizard do?" trick. The idea is you ask the baby what a lizard does, and in response the baby quickly sticks its tongue in and out of its mouth. I think it will take a few months for him to master.

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Doug said...

Shall we call him Hal, Hank, or Henry? If you call him "Baby", before you know it, we'll have another Bubby in the family.