Friday, March 27, 2009


Nick here.

I thought that while Kara is tied down to monitors and IV's, I would take advantage of my blog adminstrator rights and update all of you loyal readers out there.

And the update is...we are still waiting.

Everything is going well and Kara is relatively comfortable. We are thinking that Baby may not make its debut in the world until tomorrow some time. Although, we are still holding out some hope that Baby will hold true to its genes and claim one of the best nerd birthdays in a long time...well at least since pi day (3/14). Today is 3/27/09, containing a root, a square, and a cube. Here's to hoping for before midnight.


opticwalrus said...

Baby already missed out on being a Pisces, so what's one more day.

P.S. - I'm a Pisces.

Linette Smith said...

mathmatically speaking, that would be a cool b/day/

Dallas said...

Come on, 3/27/09!

Sara said...

Oh man, I'm so excited for you guys! Hang in there Kara!!!!!