Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks, Katie!

Although Katie was in town for less than 48 hours, I think she did the work that would take most people a week. We cleaned up and set up the crib, organized the baby stuff (which we've accumulated quite a bit of), and did lots and lots of laundry. I wish we would have counted the number of loads, but we lost track. With my tiny stacking washing machine, the number of loads it takes to wash baby stuff would be particularly impressive. We washed all the baby clothes, bedding and blankets, as well as our regular laundry.

On Monday, we also did a lot of shopping for odds and ends that were needed for the baby or just the house. This included finally purchasing a crib mattress. In one day we went to Target, Costco, the grocery store, Sam's Club, and Wal-mart. We also found a few minutes to run to the Galleria and get our eye brows threaded.

On Tuesday, I went to the doctor while Katie worked on preparing a few meals for the freezer. While she had enchiladas in the oven, she also cleaned my bathroom. We left for the airport a little early so we could visit Janette and her girls on the way.

Katie got home in time for her cooking class at Ace Hardware. Megan and Liz also went to the cooking class, and I was a little sad to miss the party. The class was on vegetable and fruit carving, so I'm anxious to see Katie's pictures.

So, now that Katie's been here and whipped us into shape, we're ready for the baby to show up, whenever it decides it's ready.


Rosie said...

I love a good katie fix. She needs to come here and whip me into shape.

Nick & Jennie Mabey said...

Kara, your family is awesome! They sure making living far from UT and family more bearable.

Fry's said...

Oh...what a cute belly...and sister!!!

sarah said...

You've got a great sister.

Emily said...

Who is this Katie, and where can I get one? Must be a sister!

Kara, good luck! You sound like you have properly nested, so here's wishing you a speedy and wonderful birth! :)