Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ten Pet Peeves

I think limiting it to just 10 pet peeves is the real challenge here. The hospital alone could inspire a list of a hundred. So in response to Stephanie's tag, here are 10 pet peeves, but not necessarily my top 10. More things that annoy me will certainly occur to me throughout the day.

1. Everything doctors don't do that they're supposed to.
2. Everything doctors do that they're not supposed to.
3. Smokers- St. Louis has made me hate smokers, in restaurants, outside school- everywhere.
4. The litter of smokers. Why does buying a pack give you a permit to leave the butts where ever you happen to be? Unless you're in your car, in which case you throw it outside where I can drive on top of it and fill my car with the stench of your cigarette.
5. NyQuil failing to deliver on its promise of letting you sleep. Having spent three consecutive, rather sleepless nights coughing, I'm not becoming a big fan.
6. People cracking their knuckles. It makes the most horrible sound and can't be good for the joints.
7. Visible/audible gum chewing.
8. People listening to their iPod when I'm trying to talk to them. Yes, Nick, that one's about you, but you're better about it now.
9. Engaged couples in general. They're often pretty annoying, as if they are the first people to ever be in love.
10. The barking dog in my neighborhood. I don't know where it is, but I can here it in the middle of the night. And during these recent sleepless nights, I've heard it all night. I would like that to stop.


Jo said...

Possible suggestion for #10: Blowing a dog whistle when he barks. Not sure dogs are smart enough to make a connection between behavior and consequences, but maybe if the dog whistle hurt the dog's ears, he'd stop barking. Love, Toots

Steph & Joe said...

Yay! I am glad to know that someone reads my blog and did the tag!

Doug said...

What about parents that come to visit and kick you out of your bedroom?

Kara said...

That's not a pet peeve- that's something I enjoy.

Map Maker said...

I think the chewing gum thing might be genetic. I remember your aunt having quite a thing about chewing gum in primary class.