Monday, April 21, 2008

Earthquake and Various Updates

I'm sitting in my physics class while I blog this. We've just taken a test. I'm finished, but a few are still working on it, and there is a computer conveniently right in front of me.
I've had a few inquiries about the Midwest earthquake on Friday. Yes, it woke both Nick and me up. For the first moment, I was so startled I didn't know what had awakened me, that I was pretty frightened. That feeling quickly passed and I was superficially back to sleep in no time, but I hadn't been sleeping much or deeply anyway. Last night was the first half-way decent night of sleep I've had in almost a week. This stupid cold has become bronchitis and I've had a hard time sleeping with all of the coughing/not being able to breath. But with time and my inhaler, I'm almost feeling human again.

I even called in sick to work, which I hate to do because people hate it when you do it. And they even hate it worse when you call in sick on the weekend. That applied here also. I'm hoping I don't get too many tongue-lashings on my return.

Nick has finished the refurbishing of his mountain bike. I hardly recognized it. I think he rode it to school today because the Taurus was in front of the house when I left.

Be sure to check out Dallas's pictures of his vacation, particularly the ones of Mr. O and Lighting McQueen. O's smile is delightful. You can't see him and not smile.

Stephanie- not only are you happy that people are reading and acting on your blog, I'm happy that you're reading MY blog. I'm honored to be wasting your time.

Exciting news everyone! Nick got a haircut. It's not short, but it is respectable. We'll get a picture up soon.


Map Maker said...

My brother's family in Indiana felt the quake. His wife said that it felt like when the train when by her childhood home.

Sarah said...

I have seen the hair cut. It is quite respectable.

Steph said...

Im probably the craziest blog stalker you have ever met! So of course I came across your months ago :)