Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Actual Dr/Patient Conversation

This is an actual patient/physician conversation that someone I may know had recently:
Dr: What happened to your pants?
Patient: I can't take the pressure!

Apparently the only three answers this patient can give is, "I can't take the pressure!" "All of them." and "Twenty years ago." Needless to say, the interview with the patient did not yield a lot of useful information.

Nick has been under the weather for a few days with malaise, sore throat and cold symptoms. I have now caught what he had, presumably from him. I should have known to keep away. I've had literally two gallons of water today and still feel dry and thirsty. I felt sick all day today, and was getting even worse this evening so I called in sick to work. Tomorrow, I want to be taken care of as a sick person, not take care of sick people for 12 hours.


Sarah said...

Are you getting cared for? Do we need to bring by some popcicles?

Map Maker said...

Hope you feel better. Hey, I gave blood the other day and I was thinking that you and your husband must really think highly of people who do that. I'm O negative, so I'm a universal donor for negative blood, makes me feel like I'm special.

Sara said...

Feel better soon.