Thursday, April 24, 2008

African Violet

This is our African Violet. It was a gift for my birthday from a couple in our ward. It was our first houseplant as a married couple. It just celebrated its first year of life and its sixth month anniversary with us. We recently figured out we were over-sunning it, so it will start looking greener and healthier soon. One thing that's really cool about this plant is wick watering. It doesn't like being watered from above. Instead, it likes being moistened by a nylon wick that goes into the pool underneath and then through to the top of the pot. We re-potted it today, into its special self-watering container. You can set a similar system up with plastic cups, but this is so much cuter. It's called a Dandy Pot.
Soon after our first houseplant joined our little family, we bought a plant at the farmer's market for $1.50. But now that cheap plant is in a $4 pot from IKEA, so it's a more significant investment. It's tripled in size and looks pretty good.
The third plant in our little menagerie is a green one the nurses at work gave me when Grandpa died. It's in a place where we (meaning Nick) don't remember to water it all the time. That seems to suit it as it has been thriving, almost out of control. I re-potted it today and saw that I had waited much too long. It was almost entirely roots. I hope it likes its new home.
I also have an herb planter that I planted seeds in a few weeks ago. At this rate, we'll have enough herbs for a meal some time after Christmas.
Our dilemma now is what to do with our lovely plants when we go to Utah for our extended trip. Euthanasia may be an option for one of them, but I like our African Violet way too much to let it go. I even put a cutting in soil, trying to make a second plant.
Why are you still reading this? You have realized it's all about house plants, right? Do you have homework you should be doing? Do we need to take away the computer? I'm sure you have something more productive you could be doing.
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Kate Smith said...

Yes. to all of the above. I do have some homework and some tasks. I love house plants - but I don't believe in giving them when there is a death - like you need one more thing to take care of! Flowers are much better cause then they just die. Or even better as we recently did, send the 'Edible Arrangements' - check them out on line.
We're headed to Diane's to give her a perm.
Bring the African Violet this way when you come.
love you,

Sarah said...

I just seem to hang on every word you say, even if it is about house plants!

Jo said...

LOL! I'm reading this because I have five houseplants from grandpa's funeral. They will probably never die. I will bequeath them in my will. And NEVER give plants when there is a death--it's the gift that goes on giving--and on and on and on. Love, Toots