Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Night

It's been a long but good week. Nick has been studying while also attempting to become the first bicycle repairman/surgeon. He and Brigham Douglas have been hard at work both in reproductive endocrinology and bicycle restoration. Nick has had some hard times in St. Louis when it comes to bicycles. The first week we moved here, the first one got stolen. People who know St. Louis would totally blame Nick for that one. Who leaves a bike outside? Regardless of the lock. But that's not the whole story. First the front wheel got stolen. Nick, without my knowledge, "borrowed" the front wheel of my bicycle. Apparently the criminals then remembered to bring a pair of bolt cutters with them the next time and the whole thing was missing and I was left with a unicycle.
Bike #2, purchased at a garage sale, had a mishap in the garage. I say you shouldn't park it that close to a car.
Bike #3 was run over by the UPS truck, may it rest in peace. Actually, it's resting in pieces. Nick has the salvageable parts in a gallon zip lock bag. (See February blog entries.)
Bike #4 is the mountain bike Nick has had for a long time but is hard at work getting it in good riding condition again.

I just finished my third day in a row at work. I work tomorrow too, then I finally have a day off. Work has been harder for the nurses lately. The hospital is absolutely full, the patients are very sick, and and no one has enough nurses. Lucy- that is why you become an accountant instead. You'll love being a CPA.


opticwalrus said...

I just discovered you're blog! I'll have to put a link to it on my blog.

About origami intermingling - when I had the Menagerie there was a dinosaur wing and all flying creatures were grouped, but otherwise they intermingled. In my current collection there is no origami apartheid.

P.S. - I love deliberately mixing up "your" and "you're." It's so funny to me.

Map Maker said...

Sorry to hear that St. Louis is so hard on bikes. I still have my Mountain Bike I bought back when I was fourteen. I assume you must have finally looked at my blog since you found Brian.

Good luck keeping this bike safe from thievery and in one piece.