Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April

I can't come up with any great April Fool's pranks. But I am excited about starting a new month. There haven't been many frivolous blog posts with very all the very serious things going on, but I think I'm ready to start wasting your time with ramblings and musings of St. Louis again.
I think Nick and I have watched a total of 15 movies at home together while we've been married. We've watched far more television, but we almost never sit down and say, "Let's put in a movie." Last night we watched "Across the Universe" which is really a music video, or rather a series of music videos. Dallas really likes the music from it and I liked much of it. Over the weekend with friends, we watched "Dan in Real Like" on Shannon's recommendation, and everyone liked it. I've watched more movies in the last 3 days than I have in the last 9 months.

Anyone have any great recommendations?


Shannon said...

I really liked Penelope

Jo said...

We recommend August Rush. We liked Dan in Real Life a lot, but we liked August Rush even better.

Map Maker said...

Stranger than Fiction
My Date with Drew
Little Manhattan
The Ultimate Gift
Saving Sarah Cain
Walk Don't Run

We just watched Dan in Real Life the other day and liked it.

Doug said...

Had great steaks at Kitty Pappas after Priesthood Session Sat Night at the Stake house . Try "bucket list", old Perry Mason episodes

Anonymous said...

Walked out of Across the Universe when they got to the pond. Any time I say I didn't like it people seem to think I am a ridiculous fool because..."It's ART!" Liz