Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Excitement with Jam

I've mentioned my much-anticipated "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" book. Today I baked with Sarah Page (it is Wednesday after all.) By baked, I mean I took the high-moisture pre-risen bread dough out of her fridge, shaped it into a ball, then a little later, put it into the oven. My "slashing" of the bread was a little overkill as it came out of the oven looking like it had sprouted tumors. I also made jam, and by making jam, I mean that I gently warmed the jam Sarah had previously made, just to dissolve the sugar.

I have kicked myself twice today for not having a camera. Katie- I've got to get a bigger purse to carry my camera, because there are just too many opportunities to take pictures of weird things here.
The first missed photo opportunity was the homeless guy sleeping in the science building, using his shoe as a pillow. It was also very sad, but had an element of the ridiculous with the snake and turtle skeletons in the background.
The second photo op was a car at the gas station. I came out from the station to find a car so decrepit, I swear it must have been towed to that parking spot directly out of the junkyard. It was an Oldsmobile Omega (which I had never heard of before) whose color can be described as rust with primer details. The interior of the car was absolutely full, floor to ceiling, with boxes and bags. On top of all the junk and garbage on the passenger seat, was a fresh gourmet salad in a to-go container. I think it may have belonged to the napping hobo in the science building.
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Sarah said...

The bread was tasty, and the jam rather like syrup. But it was a nice afternoon!

Nicholas said...

Heres a thought...get rid of some of the stuff in the purse and replace it with the camera. (Bigger purse = stuff you need is harder to find)

Nicholas said...

P.S. the bread was really good.

Kate Smith said...

Maybe you should have left a fiver on the, er..near the spot where the driver may have had the opportunity to control the car from. That way, he'd have a tip for the next tow-truck driver for treating the car with love and respect.
As for the bag - what's wrong with the one I sent you home with? It sufficed for me (I will note that I've moved onto a much larger bag, that has lots of stuff in it. But, with it's great compartments, I can always find anything; including my cell phone).
Can't wait for some bread. Maybe a smaller camera? Do you want to go to Detroit for Redbull?