Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mall of America

We arrived in Minneapolis late this afternoon, rented a gold Ford Focus and checked into the Holiday Inn.  Sadly, it is not a Holiday Inn Express, but we got it so cheaply by bidding on Priceline, it was almost like stealing.  We listened to the nail-biter BYU vs Utah (not on TV here, very disappointing).  Then we headed to the Mall of America.  I am not sure if it's still the largest mall in the world, but it was when it was built.  It is a travel destination in itself, and it is huge.  We wandered around for a bit.  I was amazed at how crowded it was.  It was great for people watching, including seeing a lot of bad behaviour.  People are like animals.

Henry has a cold.  It was inevitable and the really amazing thing is he held out this long to have his first illness.  He's been a trooper, just a little fussy and clingy.  He spiked a fever 30,000 feet in the air on the flight from Albequerque to St. Louis.  The saddest part was he didn't have energy to play with his toys.  He was very cuddly, which was both cute and pathetic.

We were home less than 24 hours.  It was just time enough to water the plants, clean our clothes, and pack everything back up.  People have asked if it's Henry's first flight, and I'm almost embarassed to admit how traveled he is.  Nick interviews at the Mayo Clinic on Monday and University of Minnesota on Tuesday.

They've updated the blogger editor, and now I can't find spell check.  Blog wise, things have been going downhill around here.


Jo Ellen/Toots said...

How many airline trips HAS Henry made in eight months? Love, Toots

Dallas said...

You could have used my priority club # and got a room upgrade/earned points!

Wendy said...

Henry is more traveled than I am.

CR's blog said...

I LOVE MN. MN gets my vote so far.Nice people, beautiful trees and lakes.