Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost Famous

We're in San Diego with the Page family, and it feels like old times. They greeted us late last night with butternut squash chocolate chip cookies (similar to the pumpkin variety). We stayed up too late sharing funny stories, and the kids were super excited in the morning to see Henry.

Today Henry is using up some of his 15 minutes of fame. We went to the Pioneer Woman's book signing in St. Louis last week (which I plan to blog about later). Today the Pioneer Woman blogged about it, and used a picture of me, Henry, and the delightful Pam P. from Columbia, MO. Pam had been a stranger at the start of the evening, but we became fast friends after she invited us to sit next to her. Check out her comment on the baby mullet post. That information made that child even creepier.


Jo Ellen/Toots said...

Cute hairdo on you, Kara, in the Pioneer Woman post. See you in three weeks! Love, Toots

Dallas said...

Why weren't you wearing a Redwood tax t-shirt? Think of the thousands of clients I could have picked up!