Thursday, November 12, 2009

Laughing Place

I found what makes Henry laugh: oink like a pig and he thinks it's hysterical.

Nick is taking his Step 2 board exam right now. He's been very diligent studying. The stress has had me at a breaking point, so I'm very glad that he's taken it. However, I still won't have him back- he leaves in the morning for a general surgery interview in Chicago. Once he gets back from that, I may actually see him.
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Jenn said...

I bet Nick rocked out on Step 2 today. I'm also confident that he'll have a fantastic interview in Chicago. ; )

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

I can't make Henry laugh, but I have been able to make him smile broadly with my joke in Adamic: "Bababababababababababababa". I don't know what the punch line was but it made him smile. Love, Toots

sarah said...

He is such a perfect blend of you and Nick.

Hang in there.

CR's blog said...

GREAT picture! That's a photo contest entry right there!