Tuesday, November 3, 2009

15 Hours in St. Louis

Sara Garff is like my other sister. Along with her sister Liz (aka Rosie), we played together as kids and were really more like family. Sara even lived with my family for a short while a few years back. Anyway, Sara actually came to see me in St. Louis. She was only in town for about 15 hours, but we made the most of it. She arrived at 1:00 AM, fresh from visiting her sister Liz and family in Iowa. Her husband Ryan and baby G were with her, but Ryan is on his way to military tech school in Biloxi, Mississippi. In the morning, Ryan continued in their car towards his southern destination and Sara and I started some blitz tourism.
Of course, anyone who comes to town must visit the botanical gardens. Then we had lunch at Sweetie Pie's, as seen on Diner's, Drive Ins, and Dives. And of course, you need to see the arch if you've come to St. Louis. We drove to the old cathedral parking lot to get pictures with the arch and a good view. We drove past the new Busch stadium and the old courthouse. We then went to the New Cathedral (which is about 100 years old) to see the beautiful mosaics. We also made a quick stop to the Schnuck's grocery store on Lindell, which is always a true St. Louis cultural experience.

But what's my favorite thing for any visitors to experience here in this great city? That's right, it's eyebrow threading. The technician uses ordinary sewing thread to remove hair with amazing precision. Their sign advertises "The Eyebrows of Your Dreams," and they're not kidding. It's the best your eyebrows have ever looked. Everyone who comes to see me makes a stop at the mall on the way to the airport to have it done.

For having such a short amount of time and two babies in tow, we managed to fit a lot in.
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Esther said...

eyebrow threading huh? That's something my clients tell me they learned to do in prison. Maybe they should go into business if it's in vogue right now!

Marie said...

We come to St. Louis sometimes and now you have me curious about this eyebrow threading. I have never waxed my eyebrows, but I think I'd try this. SO, what's the name of the fancy shop? Is it as cheap as the YouTube video said?

You sound like a great tour guide!

Shari said...

I had this done all the time in AD. Upper lip and eyebrows please.