Monday, May 11, 2009

Over All Too Soon

It seems like we just arrived, but Henry and I are getting ready to go back home to St. Louis tomorrow. We've been pretty busy, because Henry has been very popular. He has now met all six of his grandparents, and one of his four living great-grandparents. His uncle Sean (above) almost had to be bribed to hold him. The only aunt/uncle Henry still needs to be introduced face to face is Samantha and Kyle, who we are hoping will make it to his baby blessing. They've seen him on Skype, but it's not quite the same.
Henry is shown here relaxing with Uncle Sam. Today Henry threw up all over Sam, so now they've really bonded.
My paternal grandmother Joyce holding Henry.
My cousin Kristy holding Henry at my mom's house.
Not pictured- we had a wonderful visit with Nana (Debbie), Mitch and Brian. Henry met Dallas, Shannon and their boys V & O. H loved being held by Jo Ellen.
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sarah said...

I'm looking forward to H's return to STL. I need to hold him too!