Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Day

Henry and I were gone practically all day.

We had a two-hour service appointment at the Ford dealership to have the transmission fluid changed. (Is your car's fluid due for a change?)

Then we started to gather everything we need for Sam's wedding. Nick has a suit, it just needs to be picked up at Dillard's, but Henry and I had nothing. We both needed something navy to wear to the wedding, and Henry also needed white shoes to be blessed in.

After the Ford dealership we went to:

Finder's Keepers (Children's Clothing)
Toys R Us, thinking there was also a Babies R Us there, but there wasn't.
Marshall's (I'm also looking for a diaper bag)
Home Depot (herbs)
Walmart (lots of stuff to get)
Quik Trip
[South County Mall]
Payless Shoes
a children's formal wear store with a funny name
JC Penneys

And another Marshall's. A couple friends have found great diaper bags there, but being there when they have any in stock is like winning the lotto.

I gave up on getting Henry a suit. It would look so cute if he matched Nick, but the smallest suit was far to long in the limbs for him. Instead, I got him a polo style onesie and khaki pants. As simple as this outfit sounds, it took forever to find and a long time for me to make up my mind.

I found a dress, but this Penney's didn't have it in my size, and it's out of stock online. So, tomorrow after I go to the doctor's and take the dog to the groomer, I'm going out to the West County mall to pick up the dress there. And I still need to get Nick's suit.

Henry did great all day, except for a total baby meltdown as I was checking out at JC Penney. He was screaming so hard he turned completely red. As soon as I was done checking out, he stopped crying.


Darla said...

boy that sounds like a long day. Henry was just showing the jcpenny clerk who's boss. We're excited to have you come and look forward to holding and loving on Henry.
Grandpa, grandma and Uncle Sean

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

I don't think Henry is a shopper. Love, Toots

Sami said...

I cant believe he made it! I prolly wouldnt have made it half way through your list! Glad everything is going well. Looking forward to finally meeting my little nephew!! Love always!

Marcie said...

I'm proud of Henry for having just one meltdown. My kids are much older and one meltdown for them is impressive. Good luck with the clothes, I hate trying to find clothes.

sarah said...

That Henry is one flexible kid. Did you pick up your dress yet? We're coming back tomorrow. I hope they've moved the dumpster by then!