Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More of Our Visit

Henry and I extended our Utah visit a couple of days. We had planned on returning home Tuesday, but getting there had been so much work we stayed until Thursday. That extra 40-something hours allowed us to introduce Henry to a lot of great people he wouldn't have seen otherwise. We were both introduced to Sara's brand new baby G. Sara and my due dates were only two days apart, but our babies were born six weeks apart. It was so fun to see G in person finally.
We stopped by Nana's for an afternoon visit.
We went to Wheadon Lane, where Henry got to meet Aunt Norma, my Grandpa Wayne's sister. Visiting the lane was so much fun. We went there a lot when I was a little kid, but less and less as time went on. Wheadon Lane is my mom's cousins, who all live on a small private street in front of their working farm. I need to make a list in his journal of all the people he met on this great trip. Also, a shout-out to Wendy and her two one-year-olds. They were so cute.
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