Thursday, May 28, 2009

Does this look too small?

Does this suit look too small to you? I'm not quite sure.
In looking for a tiny suit for Sam & Megan's wedding, our neighbor had one. Unfortunately, it's too tiny.
The shirt has button holes that are supposed to match up with buttons on the inside of the pants. Notice there's a very big gap between the two.
But maybe just the tie and vest will work, Chippendale style.
But part of me wants to sing "Fat guy in a little coat. Fat guy in a little coat!"
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Courtnie said...

Holy cow!! My how he's grown! It's good to see and read about your last two months with the new boy! Congratulations again! I'm not a blogger, but I love to read them! And I'm always on Chris' computer instead of my own so I don't save the addresses! I appreciate the invite to view your page again! I hope all is well! He really is a VERY cute little boy! Keep us posted on the progress! Do you have a firm blessing date yet?

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

Henry looks like the Hulk about to get angry. LOL. Love, Toots

Holly said...

I am digging the chippendale look, he's a cutie and he's certainly growing up already! Can't wait to take some photos of that handsome little guy!

Sami said...

Hahahah That is Hilarious! I bet Henry is thinking, "My mom and dad think they're funny, they knew this outfit wouldnt fit me from just looking at it. Now there are pictures and now im so embarrassed,Ill get you back mom and dad!" hahaha
Love you!
~Sami aka(Aunt Sami)