Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Plastic Surgery

Nick is half-way through his second of two weeks of a plastic surgery rotation. It's not what you think. It doesn't even remotely resemble any plastic surgery practice you've seen on TV. In a teaching hospital, plastic surgery is all grossness, nothing cosmetic. Most of what he's done has been skin grafts and wound debridement. Much of it is so gross I have to ask him to stop telling me about it. They see a lot of facial trauma which I've decided is included in my ban of "mangled extremities." That's why I went into internal medicine nursing, not emergency.

Plastic surgery overlaps with Nick's primary area of interest, occuloplasty. That means if anyone needs an eye socket rebuilt this week, they're on it.

Nick is at the VA today, still on the plastics service. He'll start a two week general surgery rotation at the VA on Monday. The surgery rotation has been enjoyable for Nick, but the hours are killer. It's still hard to believe that his next school break is at the end of June. That seems forever away.


Sami said...

I agree it seems forever away! But at least you will have a little one to look after to take your mind off of nick being gone for so long. Believe me i understand how you must feel with the wicked hours nick works, kyle does the same. Hope you are doing well!? Miss you guys!

kev&chels said...

I didn't know Nick was interested in occuloplasty. Cool!

Debbie said...

So proud of you Nicholas. What talent you have my love. Keep up the good work. It's wonderful that we have doctors like you to repair and heal. Miss you darling.