Thursday, February 19, 2009

Caesar's Tight Rope Act

Caesar likes to spend time outside in the alley. When my dad was here on the short trip that brought Caesar to us, he bought an aerial dog run and he and Nick installed it. One side of the wire (which is about 8 feet above ground) is bolted to the tree on the left. The other side is tied to our patio. On that "high wire" is a second cable which sits on the wire with a pulley. That cable attaches to Caesar's collar. The result is sort of like a zip-line. The pulley-cable reaches so Caesar can run up and down the length of the suspended cable and a little bit to each side. He can also run up the porch steps (all four of them) right to the door where I can unhook him and let him in. If the weather's nice he likes to spend quite a bit of time out there. He does bark at people who walk by, only because he wants to play with them.

Any suggestions on how to let him stay outside on his own without him barking at people?

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Jo Ellen/Toots said...

I don't see any problem with Caesar barking at passers-by. Isn't that what little dogs do? Unless, of course, someone would want to injure him for barking. Ingenious set up! Love, Toots

Esther said...

Get a bark collar. We love our bark collars. We have the best, most well-behaved dogs in the neighborhood. They will absolutely only bark if someone knocks on our door.

sarah said...

I love Caesar.