Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Orchid Pictures

I ran to the Orchid Show again today, this time with my friend and neighbor Lacie. The Orchid show only runs for another week and I'm really going to miss it. It's been so nice to have such beautiful flowers in the middle of winter, not to mention they're kept in a warm indoor setting. I'm interested in going everyday, though I probably won't make it there that often. If you're interested in going, give me a call.

We found out earlier this week that Debbie, Nick's mom, is flying out to spend the weekend with us. It's going to be fun. We'll go to my baby shower and the orchid show on Saturday. I'm hoping Friday night we'll have time to get our eyebrows threaded. She goes home on Sunday, meaning we'll have to work hard to pack as much fun as possible into this too-short trip.
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Linette Smith said...

the photos look so professional.