Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Post for Linette

I promised Linette I would post to the blog today, despite the fact that nothing interesting has happened to me. The blog poll asking you to predict the gender of our upcoming baby is open for two more days. So all those getting this through a Reader, come to the actual blog site to vote.

My friend "Tooele" Sara had her baby yesterday. Her due date was supposed to be 2 days before mine, but I guess her little baby had other ideas. He's four weeks early but is reportedly doing great. Keep Sara and her little guy in your prayers.

Nick has started his VA Surgery rotation. The VA hospital is notorious for its dysfunction and bad employees (because they're federal employees and nearly impossible to fire.) Nick has found these stereotypes have a basis. He said he knew he was at the VA when the first patient room they rounded on was an isolation room and had three patients in it. He's also had special challenges, including uncooperative employees, in setting up his computer access.

I hosted the Primary Presidency meeting tonight. I made brownies for the occasion using our very nifty Slice Solutions brownie pan. Unfortunately, the brownies were totally disappointing. I think it was largely the mix I used, but also I baked them just beyond what I think is optimal. They weren't worth the calories. We'll have better luck next time I'm sure.


sarah said...

Bummer about those brownies. I'd love to check out your pan sometime.

Also, I suppose we need to come and fetch our fish. Glad the two of you are bonding.

Linette Smith said...

i'm still waiting for some photos of your backyard with "C" on his dog rope thing. what kind of mix was it? the mix from sam's is very good. have a great day. love, mommy

Debbie said...

Too bad about the brownies Kara. I hope the pan worked well however. Love Deb

simplysarah said...

I'm making brownies this very minute. I hope reading about yours being baked beyond "optimal" was not a foreshadowing...

I love your writing Kara. I would also like more.