Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Pictures of Our Apartment

I'm not quite to the point of apartment unpacking that I thought I would be. The trip to Disney World may have something to do with that fact. So, this is our place as it appears now, not how I hope it will appear in the next few days. I took much longer than I thought I would to post any pictures, so now I just have to post pictures, unpacking mess and all. There's really much less stuff around than there was a few days ago, I just don't know what to do with the leftovers. For example, what do you do when you find a lone gardening glove? Do you throw it away, or keep it in case you find its mate in the rest of the unpacking? I am trying to throw away/ give away things that we really don't need anymore, even if it's something I like.

I realize now our Kitchen is not pictured. I'll have to catch it next time. We've already enjoyed the bigger kitchen with more cupboard and counter space. We have a stackable washer and dryer in the corner closet in the kitchen. Although the loads are very small, they're very convenient to do, so I don't put off doing laundry because I don't want to carry down two flights of stairs.

Originally they had forgotten to install a mailbox. They've remedied that, so feel free to mail us a postcard anytime.
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Nick & Jennie Mabey said...

Kara, your place looks great! The only apartments we've ever lived in, before we bought our first house and while waiting for our new place to be built, were all dark, old, moldy, and disgusting. I probably wouldn't have minded it if they were nice like yours.

Toots said...

How fun! It does remind me a little of your old apartment--lots of wood floors--and the furniture, of course. Love, Toots

Sami and Kyle said...

Your place looks great!! I wish mine looked as nice. I cant wait to one day come visit you! Hope all is well? Miss you guys!

Sara said...

Your place looks great! The floors are beautiful.

sarah said...

I love your new place. I'll come and help you find places to put more stuff sometime this week if you like.

Linette Smith said...

i have a hard tell distinguishing between the new and old apartments since the color scheme and windows look so familiar. it must be so nice not having to climb a flight of stairs. the apartment looks great. ls