Monday, January 26, 2009

I Feel So Smart

The maintenance guy was here this morning about our dishwasher. It wasn't draining properly; there was always a lot of water in the bottom. I had googled the problem and concluded the problem was found in the installation; whoever put it in failed to remove the "knock out" plug in the disposal. The knock out plug is part of the disposal that if you hook it up to a dishwasher, you "knock out" to create a hole for the dishwasher drain to connect to. If there's no dishwasher, you leave it in place.

So the maintenance guy said, "Yeah, it looks like they didn't knock out the knock out plug." I felt smart for knowing exactly what he was talking about, despite being totally ignorant to the rest of the plumbing world.

I don't feel so smart all the time though. I'm sure you've noticed that I don't wear make-up most of the time. When I do wear it, in all likelihood it was applied in a moving vehicle (with someone else driving), and if we're on our way to an evening event that means it was also done in the dark. Debbie asked me how this is possible. I readily admitted it involves gambling, but if you apply conservatively you shouldn't end up going too far astray. Also, I have trained Nick to alert me to any problems he notices once we're actually in decent lighting.

However Friday night as we headed to dinner, I applied my make-up in the back seat of the car. It was only after I finished applying the mineral foundation that I realized I had actually applied my new mineral blush (which comes in a practically identical container/applicator device) all over my face. Fortunately, this blush has next to no color in it. I wiped off what I could and we'll just chalk the rest up to the glow of pregnancy. Not my smartest moment ever.


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oh, my. I am simply giggling at your blush mishap. That is too funny.