Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I surprised even myself by joining my parents' trip to Florida on
pretty short notice. We're staying at the Fort Wilderness Resort and
we'll begin in the morning by visiting the wild animal kingdom.
Tonight all we did we goes to dinner which took hours because you take
a bus to a boat that takes you to another boat. Then to get back you
take the monorail to a boat to a bus. Today I've been in a car, a
plane, three buses, a van, aboard three boats and of course, the
monorail. We've also rented a golf cart and drove that to the bus
stop. We really get around.

The group consists of toots, Doug and Linette, Harry and Lucy, Dallas
and Shannon and kids, Kate, Sam, and me. Wish Tim luck running the
fort back in Bountiful.

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