Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Stuff

Now that I have a room to get ready as a nursery, not to mention my due date is two months away, I'm getting more stuff ready for the baby. That has mostly entailed getting more stuff for the baby. In the last week I've purchased a high chair, exersaucer, and a baby swing (all used). I've taken them apart and washed them so they're good to go, as soon as I can figure out how to put them back together. (I took notes, so it shouldn't be too bad.)

I also indulged in a Kangaroo Beanie Baby as a tribute to Nick's Australian roots-his mum (as Australians would say) Debbie is Australian-born and has joint citizenship. Nick has plans to apply for Australian citizenship, but we would actually have to LIVE in Australia for our baby to become a citizen there. We'll have to call it good with some Australian paraphernalia, and continue to dream of visiting there someday.

I bought the crib from a Craig's List posting a few months ago. It has a gate at the top that folds down instead of the whole side dropping. I just ordered the replacement hardware so that both of the latches that hold it up work easily. Nick assembled the crib as the traditional fifth anniversary wedding gift- wood. Also, the cute quilt was a Christmas gift from Samantha. We just need a crib mattress (one of the few things I want to buy new) and we'll be ready to tuck baby in.

I'm still soliciting advice on what stroller and carseat combo to buy. If you have experience in that realm, leave me your opinion as a comment.
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Linette Smith said...

ohhhh what a cute nursery! ls

Lucy Fay said...

oh Kara! The nursery is lookin cute! I hope in a few months Harry and I will be able to make it out there to see baby.

Heidi said...

That crib is gorgeous, I love the detail in the wood. You are smart to buy used, I get all Parker's large toys (exersaucer, jumparoo, etc.) on CL too...that way I don't feel bad about selling them when he outgrows them as well. Good luck with the stroller, its a big decision just go to babies r us and do some test driving. You will get a feel for what you like.

Toots said...

The kangaroo is darling! Love, Toots