Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Henry's First Birthday: Chicago Edition

I was a little sad to be on the go for Henry's first birthday. It meant I would give up the little party I had been planning in my head, and driving around Chicago instead.
Fortunately, Henry doesn't know what he's missing, and it turned out better than I thought. A highlight of this trip was staying with Sarah Page's parents. We met them several times in St. Louis, but got to know them much more over Thanksgiving, which we all spent in San Diego together. The Morrisons also served as our consultants on a house we were interested in. They came and toured it with us, and Steve (as a professional building inspector) brought to light a LOT of stuff I wouldn't have noticed on my own. We realized the house needed far more work than we're able to do.

We all went out to dinner Saturday night. Nick can now rest assured that Chicago has good Italian food. That's a real consideration for him when considering the lifestyle in a given city. It was very nice of the Morrison's to let us stay with them and let us glean from the Chicago wisdom, but the sweetest thing they did for us was the cupcakes.

Sunday morning we came upstairs to find Sally had prepared for Henry's birthday. She had the cupcakes and candles ready to go to celebrate his monumental first year. I was really surprised what a big deal is was to me to have our little group sing "Happy Birthday" to him with a single lit candle.
This was Henry at a McDonald's feeding himself some sundae. Yes, that's chocolate up his nose. Happy Birthday Henry!
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sarah said...

I didn't realize Nick was so concerned about Italian food. As the only non-Italian on the pom squad in HS, I could have put his worries to rest.

My parents had a great time and loved having cupcakes with H.

Sally Morrison said...

Wonderful having you at our house. You are most welcome anytime. I felt special to have Henry hear the 'Happy Birthday' song for the first time at my house. What a super cutie!