Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sans Pants

You just can't keep pants on this kid. He manages to crawl out of them, step out of them, or make them vanish like Houdini.

Also, he has the pull string of the blinds in his mouth. You can never let him out of your sight.
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sarah said...

Why would you want to leave him out of your sight? It must only be that you've reached your max for cuteness intake for the day. Love that boy.

Jo Ellen/Toots said...

Isn't he the cutest! Love, Toots

Becky Slivka said...

Kara! I am so glad to find you again! For awhile I couldn't link back to your blog (which I'm sure was my computer illiteracy). Henry is ADORABLE! I don't even know how old he is now, but he looks about the same age as Heidi - around nine months? Maybe less. ANyway, so cute. COngrats on matching in Chicago! If we ever make it back to the windy city, you will definitely hear from us. It was only six hours from Cleveland, but it's a little farther from Tucson.