Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm a Winner!

Tonight at camera club I received my first competition point. I entered this father/daughter portrait in tonight's open color print competition and received an honorable mention. The judge tonight obviously had great taste because he liked my picture, but he was really boring and went over on time. His picture philosophy was that all pictures were either a window or a mirror. He said this picture was a combination of the two. I have no idea what any of that means.

What I do know is that I achieved my goal of getting a single competition point. Assuming we leave St. Louis this year, it will almost certainly be my only competition point. The St. Louis Camera Club makes me sad to leave St. Louis, and even more sad that I didn't know about it the first three years we lived here.

Competition points aren't worth anything except the glory, but once you earn enough of them you compete in a more experienced division.
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Jo Ellen/Toots said...

I think we're looking at the man through a window, and the little girl is looking in the mirror. I'm sure it's a photo the family will treasure.

Behrmans said...

It's a great picture but I have to say I would not look at it thinking of the depth. I would just look at it as lovely picture and a special moment between father and daughter. Very interesting! Congrats on winning.

Wendy said...

Go Kara! Too bad all you get is a pat on the back. The least they could give you is a diet coke! Ps, for some reason that function on my camera that takes picture after picture (pardon my lack of camera terms) is not working. Anyway you could fly to Utah and check it out? :)

Kara said...

Toots- he said the perspective on the girl was a window, and somehow the man is a mirror. I took the picture AND heard the lecture, and I still am not sure what is going on with his view of things.

Wendy- give me a call and we'll check your settings.