Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Housing Expedition

We took an impromptu trip to Chicago this weekend to explore our housing options. We spent a lot of time looking at neighborhoods, trying potential commuter routes, and seeing the hospital where Nick will work. We even toured several houses. This picture is of the oil-burning boiler in one of the houses we looked at. The house seemed perfectly maintained, but nothing had been updated since it was built in the twenties. The bedrooms were so tiny, that if you put a queen-sized mattress in there, I don't think you could open or close the door. Call me picky, but I think that's too small for me.

I feel like this trip parallels an episode of "Lost"- for every question it answered, it gave me ten more questions. I still have no idea where we'll live, what kind of housing situation we'll be in, or when we'll move. Nick has found out that he starts work June 14, which is earlier than expected, so we better hurry and make some decisions.
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sarah said...

June 14th?!!!!!!!!

Janelle Dobson said...

Wow- so are you thinking of buying a house? Power to ya- be sure to look into property taxes, they can be pretty high here. I'm so sad we missed each other this weekend, but it looks like you'll be able to move in early enough for me to help you out. I'll even take you to the Brookfield zoo if you like (I get a free pass with my membership and Henry would be free). Good luck with the transition! And have fun these next couple of months- live it up!