Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Mullet: Another Bad Idea

At The Pioneer Woman's book signing last night, I saw another "bad idea." This is the baby half-mullet. Now, the picture isn't the best because I was trying to take it while going fairly unnoticed. If I had taken another shot to get a better illustration of the baby half-mullet, it would have been conspicuous. This infant appears to have a mullet. That tuft of hair you see on the left of the photo is definitely mullet-esque. The reason it isn't a mullet is because it's ONLY on the left. The long hair does not continue across the back of the head onto the right. It's a sort of half-mullet growing out of the baby's lower right quadrant of her head. The mullet section of her hair was darker and coarser than the rest of her head, so I think this is just how her hair has been growing. Seriously though, just cut it off. Give the rest of the head a chance to catch up.

Oh how I wish I had a picture of this in profile.
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Pam P said...

The really really scary part was I am pretty sure that I heard this mom say, HE.

And he opened her blouse for her so he could breastfeed. I realize I am not a mom, but when they can work the buttons, I think I am done LOL

I am soooooo glad I got to meet you and Henry! Thanks for hanging out with me on Tuesday night!