Thursday, December 18, 2008

Touched by a Clydesdale

Early this morning, just before my last chemistry exam ever, Janette, lil' A, and I went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to meet with their very special guest, Scott the Budweiser Clydesdale. You can see the horses while you tour the brewery or visit Grant's Farm, but today we got to pet him. He was beautiful and had a very gentle temperament.

A photographer from the Post-Dispatch took A's picture, so we'll have to check out the paper tomorrow to see if she made the cut. Janette REALLY loves horses, and it was nice to watch her light up when she interacted with this one.

I've been made fun of for this coat by my mother and husband, but "that parka" as they call it was totally justified this week. It kept me from freezing to death each of the times I've had to chisel the ice off the car. More freezing rain is expected in the next few hours. Wish me luck!
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Rosie said...

I think your bad weather is being sent north. Yuck.

I love your coat and want/need one just like it.

That is a beautiful picture. I think you should send it as next year's Christmas card.

Doug said...

Great shot. I want 5X7 for it office. Nice Christmas gift idea.

Kara said...

Update: A's picture did not make it into the paper. Instead they had a much less cute picture of Scott the horse with a Garden administrator.