Saturday, December 27, 2008

Greatest Nativity Scene Ever

By greatest nativity scene ever, I mean that it's awesomely bad. Unbelievably bad. I toyed with the idea that vandals had actually changed the nativity scene overnight. We drove past this on the main street in Lehi on Christmas day. I made Nick turn around in snowy conditions so we could drive by again to take a picture.
This is the nativity scene outside a mortuary in Lehi. I think instead Mary laying a babe in a manger, she's laying him in a coffin. I don't know if it was just a convenient place to store an extra miniature coffin, or if the organizers wanted to imply that baby Jesus died. It is simply too bizarre for words.
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Toots said...

When I heard the story originally, I assumed it was "Goths" or other strange people. It was a mortuary!? Are they nuts?! If I lived in Lehi, I'd made sure I never used that mortuary. Love, Toots