Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Card Pictures

Yesterday, Nick had a surprise day off. The doctor's office he's doing his clinic work in right now canceled all their appointments and closed for the day. One doctor was on vacation and the other was with her husband after surgery, and needed an additional day out of the office. We had asked Janette to take our picture for Christmas cards, but hadn't found a good time to actually take the pictures.

Nick's surprise day off created the perfect opportunity. The weather was nice, (a high of fifty for December doesn't come along every day), Janette was willing and available, and Nick was home during daylight hours (which end about 5:00 these days.) We had a lovely walk through the Botanical Gardens, and Janette took some great pictures. I don't want to spoil the surprise (in case I actually follow through with sending cards) so I've posted a picture I like, but not the picture we'll use.

Thanks Janette!
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sarah said...

What a dashing couple you two make.

Toots said...

A very nice photo. I'm looking forward to seeing the one your selected for your Christmas card. Love, Toots

Linette Smith said...

that is a great picture. i loved nick's comments about caesar.

"If Caesar were a person I think that he would be able to hold down an honest job. Now, nobody is saying that he would be going to college, except maybe on athletic scholarship. But a job, I think he could do that."

Jennie Taylor said...

Kara--I love the picture, too. I haven't done much in the blogging world lately, but today I pulled yours up and couldn't stop reading--or laughing--until I realized it's past my bed time. Among my favorites are the "Nick's a 'particular'--though not 'picky'--eater" comment, since Brent is the same way, your spontaneous trip to Chicago and your adorable hooter hider knock-offs. I love reading your entries, and can't wait to see you guys for Christmas.

Linette Smith said...

i'm still waiting for an updated blog. mommy