Saturday, December 6, 2008

Brave, Brave People

Brigham and Janette have been working on redoing their bathroom this last week. They knew the window in their shower had created a water problem, so they expected some difficulty with the project. Even so, they've experienced more setbacks than they anticipated. This picture is Brigham installing glass brick in the window. It looks beautiful.

Their experience has taught me I really don't want to be involved in heavy-duty home improvement projects. Sure, I'm willing to paint a room, but when it comes to something structural, I'm calling a professional who will have it done in a fraction of the time.

Brigham and Janette are the rare home-improvers who actually take the time to have the quality of their work rival a professional. The people they bought their home from were not, which has caused quite a few problems. For example, their ceiling started to reveal leaks in the roof. Further investigation revealed a whole in the roof had been patched with silicone. Not Cool!
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