Monday, June 15, 2009

More Visitors in May

I also forgot to mention the great visit we had with Nick's step-sister Caroline, and her three kids. Caroline's husband was at a nearby Boy Scout camp re-certifying as an aquatics director. So she and the kids came to St. Louis to see the town and spend some time with us. Her girls loved the Children's Garden, even though one ended up with a rope burn. We also had a great time at the Magic House, but I forgot my camera so there are no pictures. It was my first visit to the Magic House (a children's museum) and it was really crowded because it was Memorial Day and raining outside. It was still a pretty amazing place to play and the kids loved it. They also went up the arch, and how can you not be excited about that?

Miss A, Brigham and Janette's little girl, had such a good time playing with Caroline's girls at our barbecue that she still asks if they're here or if they can come over to her house.
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