Monday, June 8, 2009

Henry's Blessing Day

We blessed Henry at my parents' house on the eve of Sam & Megan's wedding. Because Liz is working in Florida, it is the only weekend this summer that all my siblings would be in town. Nick's sister Sami, who live lives in Las Vegas (with her husband Kyle) was also able to come to town this weekend, so it was the clearly the best time to do it.

Henry wore an all-white ensemble made for him by Nick's mother, Debbie. It was a wonderful evening where we were surrounded by our family and a few close friends. Before the blessing, the Johnson/Preston/Jacobs side of the family had pictures taken by Holly Hyde Photography. You'll get to see them in a few weeks. After the blessing, we took some of our own pictures with Henry in his blessing outfit.

It was also a special day because it was Sami's birthday. Immediately following the blessing was a celebration of her birthday, complete with birthday cake and ice cream.


Anonymous said...

This day was absolutely Wonderful!!!

Kev and Chels said...

hey kara, you look BEAUTIFUL in those pictures. i guess your tough search for an outfit paid off!