Saturday, June 27, 2009


Henry was completely entertained by this napkin while we ate dinner. The best entertainment of the evening came when we went to Costco. We were witnesses as dozens of people were turned away after Costco closed at 6:00. Many people, including myself, thought they closed at 6:30. Linette made it inside, literally as the door was being pulled down. Nick and I didn't make it in time to pull an Indiana Jones and slide in. So we waited outside and heard the door monitor explain over and over again they were closed.

The most heart-wrenching was a woman with an infant who arrived at 6:10 to pick up the custom-ordered birthday cake for a party. Eventually the manager let her run back to get the cake, otherwise we would have had Linette pick it up for her. You can't fail to bring the birthday cake to the party.

Anyway, Costco was a great show. Catch it at 6:01 PM weekend nights.

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Patti said...

He is so cute! Miss you guys