Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bright Eyes

The growth and development information the hospital gave me stated that newborns are alert one out of ten hours. H has obviously not read this theory. He spends a lot of time awake and looking around. By looking around, I mean staring at a nearby blank wall or trying to look at far away things but ending up cross-eyed.
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Jo Ellen/Toots said...

Well, I hope you're diverting his attention away from blank walls and giving him something interesting to look at. The favorite color of babies is red. I think Henry looks a little like Owen. Love, Toots

The Triana Family said...

He is so cute! Congrats! I love seeing all your posts. STOP IT, your gonna make me want another one!! LOL

Sara said...

My grandma used to say in such a sweet voice "Are you looking at the angels?"

There you have it. It's not a blank wall but our guardian angels at which H is staring.