Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crown Candy Kitchen

Henry, waiting patiently for a table at the Crown Candy Kitchen.
My mom visited this weekend. With Patti, We went to lunch Monday to the St. Louis landmark, the Crown Candy Kitchen. It's like having lunch back in time at a 1950's drug store counter. It's so popular, we had to wait in line outside for about a half hour before we got a table. The Reuben sandwich was good, but my Turkey Bacon Melt was even better. However, I think my new rule may need to be "don't order French Onion Soup unless you are at a French restaurant."

We'll have to go back for dessert. We were too full to get it this time.
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Patti said...

let me know when you are ready for dessert, I'm game. Should have warned you it's an either or kind of place. Not many people have room for dessert after they eat lunch. Wait til you taste their ice cream and the fudge sauce is not to be missed!

sarah said...

How fun! It is one our list of places we MUST visit again before our departure.